How the electric cars affect the income of the maintenance stations

How the electric cars maintenance stations The popularization of electric cars will not have a significant impact on the profit of the auto shops up to 2030.
According to studies, conducted by the Central Union of the German car industry (the association of car business), the income of car services can reduce by 0.2 billion Euro and amount 25.8 billion Euro vs. 26 billion Euro.

In the development of the research scenarios of market development, the experts based on the indicator of 5 million electric cars on the German roads in 2030. Such numbers were received from the program of support of the electric mobile industry by the Federal Government. Besides, there will be still the passenger car park in the size of 44.4 million cars on the road.

The calculation of this scenario was based also on the researches, conducted by Shell analysts, and the cost of maintaining three car brands with an inspection service on 60 000 km. If the increase of electronic car park will not be so rapid and will amount 2,5 million cars by 2030, the reduction in the profit of the car shops will be only 0,5% respectively (25,89 billion Euro).