2017 Ford Fusion Review and Pricing

I am to save us from west coast for Lincoln and I’m here with my first look up the 2017 Ford fusion. I can’t believe how much I love the way the new Ford fusion looks got this beautiful new front end absolutely gorgeous front vatia the grill is new these headlines are beautiful to wrap all around the side and of course the new hood the car just look so sporty from the front I absolutely love on the backside diffusion looks just as good about the new rear lower facial neutrons I new tail lamps. A car look sporty all the way around. It takes you away from the normal family today. But when you get a sidecar Nasri really notice the difference.

2017 Ford FusionThe seats I can’t believe how comfortable these leather seats are not and this is an SC luxury model so we’re not in the titanium or the plan the model quite yet the seeds just seem to wrap around me there absolutely comfortable they’re amazing you can’t miss the biggest change inside and that’s a fact that there isn’t a gearshift anymore they’ve gone to the rotary style gear shift not your conventional pull back your shift by something new we’re really looking for a job in the best part about it is it opens up all the space you got a water storage space you buy your access your Cup holders it’s just clean crisp it’s easy to use it so much more functional. Installed new fog and Ford Fusion led headlights. Every Ford fusion comes at the push by Start, so there’s no more need to have the. But your pocket. Can basically 0 key in your pocket briefcase or purse you want god to open the door did and pushed the button to start the car and you’re on your way and the feature, I love the most about the navigation system. When you search bar. Where you can basically start typing in anything you want from it. Address to a restaurant good place of interest and the system will automatically start searching for you to find that out.

I When you look at the 2017 Ford fusion you’ve got a lot of options in a lot of choice to. From this 5 different trim levels you got the S model SE. The titanium platinum and of course they knew all wheel drive sport. But the choices in just trim level you’ve got a major powertrain choices well we’ve got the 2.5 liter Reger combustion gas engine and then you’ve got the choice of a 1.5 liter ecoboost eluded him more power and still give a good fuel economy or real powerful 2 liter ecoboost engine. In this sport models we have an all new 2.7 liter ego boost that gives it 325 horsepower and 355 pounds pork but that’s not all if you want to have something that’s way better on fuel. Not a hybrid model and if you want one step further we can do it plug in hybrid model that’ll give you a big. Battery hello further distance of pure energy. So as you can see. Really excited about the new Ford fusion and I think. Customers are just gonna love this car. One of the best things if you can get into a 4. Just under $24000. We’re gonna start seeing these cars. In the next few weeks. I’m Nick Davis with Wes goes for Lincoln and I’ll see you in a short.