Toyota GT86 is a sport car for every day

gt-86 toyotaToyota GT86 is the result of joint of creative work of two Japanese companies (Subaru and Toyota). Toyota GT86 is Toyota’s doppelganger of Subaru BRZ. But the most important thing is that these cars – the only sport cars with rear-wheel drive and positioned in front of the 4 – cylinder flat engine that in addition to the exclusive design provides a very low centre of gravity and excellent handling.

The result is that Toyota GT86 has turned out to be super-stable on the pavement and yet quite comfortable. This is not surprising because it is based on a modified platform of new Subaru Impreza car with headlights for 2007 Toyota Camry, originally created to make them nice to drive.

Near the driver’s seat there is a vertical lift; a wheel of small diameter is adjustable in two planes. In accordance with the canons of the car with the landing formula “2+2” rear seat is just a hint of the possibility of adopting a comfortable posture. Our attention is immediately caught to the attachment points of the “Isofix“child seat. The salon of Toyota GT86 barely penetrates the external noise, whether whistling of the incoming air flow, the rustle of the road “stuff” under the wheels or the roar of the motor.